ABOUT Du blonde

With over 15 years experience, Du Blonde combines Tarot reading with Astrology and the Chinese Zodiac in order to offer illuminating insights into experiences, relationships and situations through an approach that is down to earth, in a space without judgement, whilst enthusiastically navigating the many mirrors of the tarot that see us whilst looking at the stars above us, that in part influence the patterns of our complex lives.

Du Blonde’s combined systems afford a refreshing distance from which to view the circumstances, patterns and people of our lives with the cosmic clarity of a sassy sibling, helping us to zoom out, look in, and offer ourselves the advice we need, but might be too invested in one outcome, to see clearly.

Du Blonde's relationship with the Tarot began in her early teens, during a time in which she wished to gain an outside perspective on everything from her career path, to family dynamics and love relationships. Finding the cards to be a great help, she gave them her time, attention and respect and continued her practice whilst reading for anyone who had a question to ask.

In a business where readers frequently promise information they cannot provide, or make decisions for the people who approach them, Du Blonde's approach is frank, pragmatic, cosmic and caring, encouraging people to integrate their intuitions and empower their decisions, to reclaim the stories of their lives, that they are reading and writing at the same time.

On the subject she says:

"It is important to me to be realistic about the benefits and abilities of the cards. Although I believe that Tarot have a way of seeing what is ahead of us, they only predict a 'possible' future based on where and how we are now, nothing is certain, much can be changed. The usefulness of Tarot can be found in their ability to shed light on situations, feelings and obstacles in order to give us a new perspective, and a greater awareness of ways to navigate situations in our life that we may not have considered before. Tarot cards are a tool, not an authority, and they should be used accordingly. The rest is up to the querent. In a world where our lives are so often guided by external forces and societal expectations, it can be refreshing to address our wants and needs from a new perspective. One that takes into account not only our place in society, our family, friendship group or career, but our needs as human beings, our desires for fulfilment of the spirit, peace from within, and confidence in our path as an individual."

Alongside Tarot reading, Du Blonde is also a musician and an artist, working with animation, illustration and video game design. You can view her work here.