Five Card Tarot Reading


For those looking for quick answers on general questions. Let's not beat around the bush! Find out what the cards say about your past, present, future, what may help and what to look out for. 


We can take a look into any query you have, however how you present your question is important. It's good to get specific about what you would like to know. For example, in a reading focusing on a relationship, you will get more out of your spread if you pose a question such as 'I have to decide between two potential partners, which one shall I choose?' as apposed to just writing 'Love life' in the question section. You can be vague if you choose, it is your time, however you are guaranteed to get more out of the experience if you express exactly what it is you are wanting to know.


Reading + photograph of your Tarot spread, sent to you within 72 hours.