"I cannot recommend Du Blonde Tarot enough! The whole experience from start to finish was simple to navigate, warm, welcoming, in depth, detailed and thorough. I felt instantly at ease putting my question to Beth, and felt reasurred she would treat my question and subsequent reading with great respect and kind consideration, I was not disappointed. What an awesome experience, and such a great privilege to have a reading that it is truly evident, has been forged by someone who has a wealth of experience and genuine talent in tarot, and a great understanding of this process. Thank you so much Beth. Get involved people!" - Adele Serin-Flanagan

"Du Blonde’s reading perfectly encapsulated past, present and future into a resonant collection of well written insights that arrived with a timing so immpeccable that I don’t think the beat could have landed anywhere else. Du Blonde is fearlessly dialed in and her insights are warm, resonant and bright." - Zach, Vermont, USA

My tarot reading with Du Blonde was extremely detailed, moving and personal. Beth’s years of experience and passion are instantly apparent in the way she draws meaning from the cards in relation to your birth chart and character. Beth was careful to explain that while the cards do not predict the future, they are a tool to provide new perspectives and insight into our most important life questions and behaviours. The experience left me with a lasting feeling of confidence, self-belief and joy, that I now feel ready to seriously pursue a path that I have been too anxious and self-doubting to truly try. I can not recommended Du Blonde more for her warmth, knowledge and honesty in reading tarot. For me, the experience was genuinely life-changing. - Clancy, London, UK

"My reading with Du Blonde really has helped clarify my thoughts, and was super helpful. It has made me even more confident and determined to make a change." - Nat P 

"This was so wonderful, helpful, insightful, thoughtful.... I’m so touched by Du Blonde's consideration and perspective, it felt personal and I was so pleasantly surprised by the amount she wrote for each card." - Alyson, Los Angeles, USA

"Thank you for the clarity and depth! I feel so energised and hopeful" - Walker, Minnesota, USA